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UK WEED CONTROL is experienced in pesticide-spraying from boats for the control of weed on water (eg floating pennywort, parrots feather etc) and for the spraying of invasive weeds on river banks where access is not possible from the land.

Our operators are trained and qualified with the necessary NPTC certification in spraying in and on water from boats, and are CPCS qualified to operate excavators.

In the image, you can see that this waterway is being strangled by surface weed. This can destroy other plant and marine life thus affecting fish stocks and endangered species alike.

  • aquatic weed control
  • river weeds
  • amphibian fencing
  • floating pennywort
  • parrots feather
  • river bank weeds
  • pesticide spraying from boats


We have also recently aquired a new amphibious Truxor machine which can deal with the large scale weed removal and maintenance of your water courses. Please rollover the thumbnail images to view in more detail.

Call uk weed contol for more information or to book a consultation for your Aquatic Weed issues