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UK WEED CONTROL provides several services to help you minimised impacts on protected species and comply with legal requirements.

We can offer the following services:

  • Newt / reptile fencing

Newt fencing is a term for a barrier that is used to keep newts (generally great crested newts) in or out of a specific area. Newt fencing is often used as part of a system to trap newts within the area it encloses, enabling that area to be cleared of newts so that a potentially damaging operation to their habitat may be carried out. It is also used in conjunction with traps as a sampling method to assess population size. Slow worms can also be protected using this fencing. We are the approved installers for the TCM trap fencing and can provide you with a complete system to suit your requirements.

  • Badger fencing

Badger fencing is often used to keep badgers out of a specific area. There are different types of fencing available that we can supply and fit.
Call us for details

  • Rabbit fencing

The wild rabbit is the major economic wildlife pest species in the UK. Rabbit damage is a major economic problem for British agriculture costing the industry an estimated £100 million annually by destroying crops and grazing. How much of that £100,000,000 was yours? Rabbits also damage Golf courses causing expensive damage burrowing into greens. Call us if you need help with a Rabbit problem.

  • Habitat creation

Here at UK WEEDCONTROL we care about the environment and offer habitat creation and specialist fencing for the control and conservation of our wildlife.

If you require ecological services then please call us to discuss your needs