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Giant Hogweed

Japanese Knotweed

Giant Hogweed

Himalayan Balsam


Aquatic weeds

Is a non native invasive weed Introduced for planting in large formal gardens.
When the plant comes into contact with human skin it causes Phytodermatitis (Large blisters). Giant hogweed is covered by: The provisions of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.


Giant Hogweed is a perennial plant growing up 6 metres in height and producing a flower up to 75cm in diameter. The large stems can grow up to 12.5 cm in diameter. The leaves have purple stems and grow to 1.3 metres in diameter.
Giant hogweed grows rapidly from rosette stage in the spring to flowering in May to July. Seeds can remain viable for 10 years.


Great care has to be taken to protect the operative from coming into contact with the plant. All our operatives are certificated in the safe use of pesticides and have been trained in treating Giant Hogweed. If the treatment area is near the water we will obtain a licence from the EA to apply herbicide on or near the water.

In large infestations the only practical way to start treatment is to cut all of the stems down in the winter and then spray the plants with herbicide before the plant gets to high.
Using the TCM hit system the plants can be treated with either selective or non selective herbicides.

If the there is a large infestation and construction works are to be started before a spray programme can be completed, it is possible to bury the contaminated soil by scrapping the top 300mm and burying below 1meter.